Spek Creative

It can be hard to articulate an idea in writing. Especially an idea born from a feeling. How do we convey this to our peers? We are not designers, but we love design. What is the best way for us to contribute to the design process? We believe our contribution is to discover, create, and provide finish materials to the Architect and Design community that are special… truly unique… responsible.

Spek Creative brings 20 combined years in the flooring and finishes industry to the Architecture and Design community. We focus solely on providing products and service to those that create. The finish materials that Spek represents focus on quality, being eco-friendly, and socially responsible. Spek provides a variety of flooring and wall finishes including European carpets, North American Hardwoods, rubber athletic flooring, woven vinyl, leather floor and wall tiles, and cork wall coverings. Spek has experience providing flooring and finish materials for a variety of market segments, including high end residential, hospitality, corporate, government, healthcare, and multi-family.

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.” – Bill Moyer

Scott Coulter

Co-Founder Spek Creative

After 10 years of experience in the Washington, DC A&D community I know that the most valuable resource I have is my client’s time. I appreciate you taking a moment to read this.

I was raised in Williamsport, Pennsylvania which is most notable for the International Little League World Series held there each summer.  I still cherish the experiences the Boy Scouts of America provided me as I progressed to the rank of Eagle Scout.  After my graduation from Williamsport Area High School I was awarded a Rotary Exchange Student Scholarship which allowed me to experience a year in Tokyo, Japan before attending The George Washington University.  In college, I once again had the opportunity to work in Japan representing the United States at the Aichi, Japan 2005 World Expo before graduating in 2006 with a B.A. in Business.

When I graduated I had the unique opportunity to help grow a fledgling A&D sales group into an incredible sales machine.  My desire to start Spek Creative grew from the stories that I heard of my grandfather who grew his firm from virtually nothing into a successful plumbing supply company in the heart of Pittsburgh.

Outside of the day-to-day grind, I enjoy golfing in the heart of DC as an associate member/volunteer at the Old Soldier’s Home Golf Course and taking any chance I can to travel. My professional passion is to work with creative individuals who are able to make client’s visions a physical reality.

James Katz

Co-Founder Spek Creative

Besides his love for his family and baseball, James loves flooring and finishes. James began in the flooring industry 6 years ago working as a sales and project manager for a commercial flooring contractor in the DC Metro/Baltimore markets. After a successful introduction into the flooring world, James worked for an independent sales agency for the past 3 years working as a sales representative in the Architecture and Design community.

James was born on Long Island, New York and spent the first half of his childhood there. During Middle School he relocated to Maryland in has been there ever since, but he still has an undying love and loyalty to the Yankees. James now resides in Montgomery County Maryland with his wife and two daughters spending his free time riding bikes, going to dive team and basketball practices, and hiking trips.

James co-founded Spek Creative in the summer of 2017 in response to clients’ requests for more unique and environmentally sustainable design products. Also, it was driven from the desire to do things honestly and creatively. He has absolute commitment to his clients and servicing them in a professional manner, while always having fun and respecting his client’s time.