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Spek Creative is a Proud Partner of Endless Knot, LLC.

We approach our work through the lens of our cultural tradition. While many companies are driven by profit alone, we have greater purpose.


The life cycle of Endless Knot rugs can be measured in centuries rather than years. Our rugs are crafted from wool, silk and other natural resources which are renewable, reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. Water use is minimized, and no waste goes to landfill.


Our craftsmen and partners receive a living wage, and benefits that include educational scholarships and other life-enhancing opportunities. To promote the well being of the communities in which we do business, we support generational causes, including education, healthcare assistance and senior care.

No child labor. Every child deserves a childhood.


What we think, we become. We seek to create a good legacy, leaving this world better than we found it. We embrace heritages and cultures. Our purpose is to contribute, not to change; to share, not to take; to learn, not to teach; to be as one and to celebrate them.