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“What do these rugs have in common? All are woven on traditional, hand-operated wooden looms.  Jacaranda’s trademark palette of natural tones feature strongly across the ranges. We stock all in several standard sizes from 120x180cm to 300x400cm. All can be made-to-measure too.

We believe that pure wool still makes the best rugs. The elasticity of good quality wool gives excellent resilience and wear properties.  Its fibres are covered in a thin membrane which inhibits water penetration, so providing natural stain resistance. Wool is naturally flame retardant. It holds less ‘static’ than most synthetic yarns so does not attract dust, or promote the growth of dust mites or bacteria.

At a fraction of the price of silk, we also weave viscose into some ranges, a natural fibre spun from cellulose. Viscose rugs look like beautiful silk velvet, but are not as hardwearing or stain resistant as wool. Jacaranda’s Simla, Santushti and Sikkim rugs are now hand-woven from lustrous TENCEL®, also spun from cellulose, its fibres reflect light to look like silk. TENCEL® wears better and is more water tolerant than viscose, but is not recommended for wet areas. It can be professionally cleaned with care.”

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