“Carpets have been our business and passion for more than 40 years. We want to improve things, that means quality without compromise and function interwoven with a special design. Hence, we do not just follow trends, we set them. Carpets by OBJECT CARPET stand for durability and robustness and we use only the best raw materials for our carpets. We rely on the fact that our products are made in Germany and are confident that it is quality that counts. No compromise. Manufactured by OBJECT CARPET. Made in Germany.  A distinct sense of beauty in architecture, colour combinations and new technologies are our motivation and encourage us to go a step further and let visions become reality.”

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  • With approximately 1,200 options, the OBJECT CARPET Contract Collection is one of the biggest collections in the world, providing the most sophisticated of flooring solutions.
  • By using soil-hiding trademark fibers, these unique carpets satisfy the highest design demands. Much emphasis is placed on flexibility and the commitment to technical preparation of this collection.
  • Composed of several styles, including cut, loop, tiles and the new Web collection, Object Carpet is pure innovation with outstanding design and color characteristics.
  • These textile floor coverings are especially long-lasting and are manufactured eco-friendly to save resources.
  • Object Carpet uses “future” production techniques today, providing an attractive costperformance ratio.

RugX Catalog

RUGX from OBJECT CARPET design interiors: Being stylish accessories, they create attractive optical accents on parquet flooring, natural stone, planks or tiles. Due to individual shapes, RUGX offer the ideal solution for any room layout and interior concept: at home, in the offi ce or in the hotel, as non-integrated solutions in a shop, in the entrance area or in the lounge. Whether clear geometric shapes or unformed silhouettes: You define the shape.

All RUGX carpets feature a high-quality, slip-resistant felt backing – BlackThermo®felt.  Thanks to the support structure OBJECT CARPET RUGX do not require a special underlay. That not only cuts costs – the carpet lays perfectly on any floor, whether wood or stone.

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FREESTILE – An Overview of Characteristics:

• Free of PVC and bitumen

• Suitable for people with allergies (TÜV tested and certified)

• Reduces particulate matter (GUI Certificate)

• Low in emissions (tested and certified by DIBT)

• Low in odours (GUT tested and certified)

• Backing improves room acoustics and reduces footfall sounds

• Fibrous material manufactured from 100 % PET (100 % recyclable)

• Newly developed digital printing without use of water and drying processes

• Low-maintenance

• Surefootedness and high walking comfort

• Suitable for DGNB and LEED certified buildings


  • Only if a product has the power to go beyond a short-term success it can truly be labelled as innovative. The multi-award-winning design of the FREESTILE collection calls for progress: Welcome to RUGXSTYLE by OBJECT CARPET.




WEB FLEX from OBJECT CARPET. More than a traditional carpet, it is, in fact, a textile-based design element that meets the highest floor covering standards in commercial interiors in every respect. In terms of aesthetics, functionality, ecological sustainability and flexibility.

The new OBJECT CARPET Web collection captivates by way of its thrillingly subtle styling. To permit the architecture to take precedence, the minimalist styling of the textile design elements remains elegantly self-effacing. Three very fine, low-key, sensitively rendered designs – WEB PIX, WEB UNI , WEB CODE, each in eight homogeneous colours – enthral with their precise and finely woven texture, reminiscent of an elegant twist. Thus, understated flooring and minimalism come into their own.

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High-class, high-emotion, high-end production. With innovative tufting techniques and sustainable manufacturing processes, OBJECT CARPET prepares the ground for your success. 6 new gems from the Supergraphic High Class OBJECT CARPET collection are the basis for first-class and emotional design solutions.